Kai Cenat Announces 30-Day Subathon: Date, Broadcast and More


Kai Cenat has just announced its long-awaited subathon, announcing that it will broadcast for a total of 30 days non-stop. Here’s how to tune in.

Kai Cenat is one of the most popular Twitch streamers with a huge fan base that boasts more than 3.7 million subscribers on the Purple streaming platform.

His fame has spread far beyond social media, even attracting the attention of major celebrities such as rapper Blueface and music artist SZA.

Now he is performing a serious feat of endurance after talking about the upcoming subathon, which will last almost a month.

How to watch the 30-day Subaton of Kai Cenat

On January 31, Kai uploaded a humorous parody to Twitter and YouTube, announcing that he would be broadcasting for 30 days.

The Kai Cenat will begin on February 1, 2023 and will most likely end on March 2, 2023.

Fans can watch Kai’s broadcast on his official Twitch channel.

He humorously named his subaton “Mafiafon”, and users are already delighted with this new chapter of content in the streamer’s career.

What is a subaton?

A subaton is usually defined as a type of live broadcast, where for each subscription that a streamer receives, a certain amount of time is added to its stream.

Perhaps one of the most famous subatons belongs to Ludwig, which, as you know, was broadcast for 31 days back in 2021. However, the record of the longest subathon to date belongs to Emilycc, which was broadcast for 446 days and is considered at the time of our last report. .

Although Kai Cenat’s stream has a set time limit, it’s clear that his fan base is excited about this upcoming event, which was supposedly scheduled for some time in January before he was unexpectedly banned on January 26.

At the moment, it looks like he’s starting February with a bang — and it’s unknown what special challenges or moments he will include in the stream, such as Ludwig’s Dreamhack subaton, where he spent 50 hours trapped in a glass box.


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