Kai celebrates his birthday surrounded by friends and family


The EXO member commemorated his birthday surrounded by the love of EXO-L and his closest friends.

EXO’s Kai revealed details of his fun 26th birthday party, spending the day with family and best friends. The K-pop idol shared a selfie and a drawing narrating the celebration.

On January 14, Kim Jongin celebrated one more year of life surrounded by EXO-L’s love, affection and admiration , the idol took the moment to meet up with some of his friends. On Instagram, he did a fun live broadcast.

Ravi of Vixx encouraged Kai during the live, the guests of the idol sang happy birthday split a delicious chocolate cake, talked about their friendship , kindly answered the Electronic Theses netizens left the video chat.

The member of EXO had more than 200 thousand spectators in the party of virtual birthday , they all wanted an amazing day, the festivities moved to social platforms and online networks, where the fandom wrote cute messages for the singer of ‘Reason ‘.

Through Lysn’s platform, Kai shared other details of the celebration, added a special selfie and a tender message for EXO-L from all over the world. Read on for all the details.


Jongin updated their profile in LysN with an adorable picture of his party of birthday , the dancer showed the artist skills you have and stunned many details of the meeting, drew his nephews, sisters, brothers, mother, friends, a cake and Monggu , your pet.

He uploaded a selfie adorned with happy birthday stickers with a bear, little animals that he loves and has a wide collection of stuffed animals, paintings, clothes and other accessories decorated with bears.

The agency idol SM Entertainment added a message:

Today is my birthday so I celebrated with my family, everything was very nice, we were together

The reaction of the fans was immediate, they showed the great love they feel for Kai with likes and words of encouragement. Congratulations Jongin !

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