Kadıköy answer from Mesut Ozil ! Details


Mesut Özil, who is on Fenerbahçe’s transfer agenda, once again excited the yellow-dark blue fans with his latest move. Answering the questions asked by the fans from his social media account, Mesut’s answer to a question drew attention.

Mesut asked “What is your favorite district in Istanbul?” The answer was “Kadıköy”, and this answer received thousands of likes and comments from the yellow-dark blue fans.


Mesut Özil stated that he has been a fan of Fenerbahçe since his childhood and that he resembles the yellow-dark blue club Real Madrid. Mesut said, “I was a fan of Fenerbahçe when I was a child in Germany. Everyone in Germany supports a Turkish team when they grow up. Mine is Fenerbahçe. Fenerbahçe is like Real Madrid in Spain. The biggest club in the country.”


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