KaBuM! launches non-annual credit card for gamers


KaBuM! launched today (10) a credit card for the gamer audience and those passionate about technology that brings several benefits for purchases in the online store. Among the advantages offered are quick approval and the possibility of payment in up to 24 installments.

Developed in partnership with Banco do Brasil and Visa, the KaBuM! has a free annual fee for those who spend at least R $ 100 per month. But if the minimum amount of the invoice is not reached, there is a charge of R $ 10, according to the company.

Managed through the Banco do Brasil app and also via WhatsApp, the new card also offers 10% cashback on the first purchase on KaBuM !, for transactions starting at R $ 100 carried out by Prime customers between May 10 and June 10. Non-Prime customers will be entitled to 5% of the money back.

“The idea of ​​the KaBuM card! it came to make feasible and streamline access to high-tech products, facilitating the acquisition of the items that our customers need or want ”, explained the CEO of the company Leandro Ramos. Also according to the executive, a significant portion of consumers stop buying due to lack of credit.

More benefits

Accepted in all establishments that work with the Visa banner, the credit card also offers the advantages of the Vai de Visa program. In the health area, for example, he is entitled to discounts on medications, consultations and tests.

In the area of ​​education, there are discounts on distance courses, while in the employment sector it is possible to take advantage of a 20% discount on the quarterly plan of the Catho Online platform. Ourocard benefits are also included.

The KaBuM card application! can be done on the company’s website. It is worth mentioning that orders are subject to credit analysis.


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