Kabul Airport Attacks: 12 U.S. Service Members and at Least 60 Afghans Killed


12 US soldiers were killed at the Kabul airport; the US expects continued attacks. 12 US Service Members and At Least 60 Afghans Killed at Kabul Airport.

The Pentagon said at a press conference Thursday afternoon that twelve US soldiers were killed in the aftermath of a bomb and gun attack by the terrorist group ISIS-K at Kabul airport on Thursday.

The Associated Press reported that those killed were 11 Marines and a Navy doctor.

General Kenneth McKenzie said 15 more US soldiers were injured and scores of Afghan civilians were also killed or injured.

McKenzie said there were “a number of ISIS-gunners” who opened fire on civilians and military forces following the bombing at the Monastery Gate at Kabul airport. He later said a second bombing had occurred, but could not say whether it was a suicide bomb.

A double blast rocked Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport as the United States attempted to quickly evacuate American and Afghan civilians before withdrawing from Afghanistan on August 31.

The explosions came after repeated warnings from President Joe Biden of the threat of IS-K terrorist attacks as the withdrawal date neared. Biden has yet to respond to the attacks.

“We thought this would happen sooner or later,” McKenzie said. “It’s tragic that it happened today.”

— Joey Garrison


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