Kaaris: Rohff reacts after the release of his title “Success”!


This Friday, Kaaris released their brand new album. Entitled 2.7.0, the young man puts a real kick in the anthill. And especially in the rap industry.

The rapper from Sevran notably released a sound from his album, which did not go unnoticed. As well on the side of Internet users as of other rappers.

In particular the rapper Booba. Indeed, the Duke of Boulogne reacted in a rather virulent manner. And of course, it was on social media that it happened.

Indeed, on this song, Kaaris takes a leap in time. He looks back on his entire career, from his birth in Ivory Coast to his first steps in French rap.

And above all, he talks about his clash with Booba. Rest assured, Kaaris would not have taken the risk of directly mentioning the rapper from Boulogne.

Only the words are more than equivocal. “One day my bigo rings, at the other end it kouma, we need your strength for Autopsy 4. For a brother he pretends, he’s a wolf in the sheepfold, we go to sport together, we go pray together, Trojan Horse, jealousy burns like incense ”.


The rapper echoes here the clashes with Rohff and La Fouine. A rather old period, therefore, when settling scores prevailed in the rap industry.

Barely released, Kaaris’s album has already climbed to the top of record sales in France. Critically acclaimed, the rapper therefore received the support of rapper Rohff.

In a recent Instagram Story, the rapper didn’t hesitate to wink at his friend from Sevran. For this, he shared his song Success on social networks.

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He chose a remarkable passage. The lyrics therefore say this: “For a brother he is happening, he is a wolf in the sheepfold, (…) He is organizing himself so that I classify guys that I do not know”.


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