Kaaris: “Château Noir” could be a mixtape!


Indeed, a little earlier, the rival of B20 had announced a completely different project of the same kind. This is of course “Black Castle”, which fans have been waiting for for a while too.

If it just seems like Kaaris has changed the name of his album, some are hoping it will see the light of day. In the meantime, the artist seems to have announced something that will delight fans.

Interviewed by Mouv ’Rap Club, Kaaris revealed the secrets behind this coveted project. The interpreter of “Tchoin” could therefore indeed bring this Château Noir to life!

In her interview with the Mouv ’, Riska brought up the said album! “At the beginning, I announced Château Noir, but that’s going to be a mixtape afterwards,” he said.


As for 2.7.0, “it’s a gimmick I make a lot”. We therefore know the reason for this change of title which somewhat disturbed the fans.

So what about the ebony castle? Well, about it, Kaaris has revealed something that should make you take your trouble patiently!

“Château Noir, that will be for later, God willing”. Riska therefore reserves this name under the elbow, for a next mixtape it seems.

In the meantime, fans can enjoy discovering or rediscovering 2.7.0, Dozo’s latest album! For the rest, you just have to wait for things to happen …

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