Kaachi returns with a dance cover by How You Like That


The UK-pop group was inspired by the success of “How You Like That”. Kaachi is back with a dance cover of BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That”.

The so-called first British K-pop group revealed a new video, the girls were inspired by the new hit of YG idols through a challenge. Since their debut single, “Your Turn”, the members have promoted various activities on their social networks.


Through official YouTube channel, Kaachi published the video for “How You Like That” , a dance cover that they recorded on the streets of London and that already has almost 50,000 views just a few hours after being released.

The group joined the K-pop in Public Challenge , which consists of recording themselves dancing some choreography in the streets and busy avenues in an improvised way while following the rhythm of the music. The girls wore white outfits similar to the changes that BLACKPINK members use in the official MV.

This is the first video they reveal after “Your Turn”, although they have also shared the dance practice of their debut single. In the clip, the girls recreated the choreography in the middle of a park and what appears to be an outdoor plaza.

With “How You Litke That” they resumed their beginnings as a dance cover group, an activity that led them to pursue their dream of one day being foreign K-pop idols in the United Kingdom.


On their plans to reveal new music or an album, the group has not shared anything about it, but on their social networks they have shared a kind of vlog where they publish various videos where they cook, answer questions from their fans, among others.

Kaachi’s debut was 2 months ago , the girl group shot to stardom on their own under the Korean genre, combining English and the native language in their song. Did you hear them already?

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