KAACHI Releases Their First K-Pop Remake Single ‘GET UP’


On Monday the 25th of October, 2021 Frontrow Records announced the latest release from K-POP Girl Group KAACHI, with their remake single ‘GET UP’.

First premiered in their set at Joy Ruckus Club in August, their explosive remake of ‘GET UP’ which was originally by 90s K-POP Girl Group Baby Vox, is an ode and amalgamation of the past and future K-POP.

KAACHI worked with hit-music producer Dele Ladimeji and arranger Maune Guaden reigniting the single to create a contemporary, fierce and compelling anthem.

KAACHI ‘GET UP’ Music Video YT – Live at 6PM UK Time

Exclusively filmed in renowned amusement park Lotte world, in Seoul, the video showcases KAACHI’s school girl era. With their biggest dream being to inspire their fans, KAACHI portrayed students who are working hard towards their dreams of being artists while still focusing on their education. A continuation of self-loving and inspirational themes previously seen within their work, KAACHI set the tone for their video in the magical Lotte World, being the first UK’s Kpop artists to ever film a video in their amusement parks.

KAACHI teased the official music video for their upcoming release “GET UP.” Released on the 25th of October at 6PM UK Time, KAACHI teamed up with Lotte World to create an exclusive video at their amusement parks in Seoul.

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‘GET UP’ is available on all global streaming platforms worldwide including Spotify, Youtube, Amazon Music and Deezer.

KAACHI is a British Pop girl group formed by FrontRow Records, consisting of members Coco, Nicole and Chunseo. They debuted on 15 April 2020 with the digital single “Your Turn” hitting 20 million views on its music video, following with their second single ‘Photo Magic’ being released November 4th 2020.



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