K-pop songs to welcome spring


K-pop songs to welcome spring. Start this season with a playlist full of energy and sweetness

Anew season has arrived and with it the opportunity to start a new stage in your life. Nothing better to start off on the right foot this spring than surrounded by a playlist that adapts to the season and also includes your favorite genre of music.

Romance stories, colorful settings with flowers and the sun shining, all that and more you will find in these songs that will help fill your spirit with energy for the spring that is just beginning.

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21 marzo … e la primavera si affaccia per ricordarci che dopo il letargo dell’inverno si rinasce … ma le strade sono vuote, i negozi chiusi, la gente non può più uscire Ma la primavera non ne sapeva nulla e i fiori hanno iniziato a sbocciare Ed il sole a splendere ma tutti noi non possiamo uscire né passeggiare nei prati e godere di questa rinascita … E abbiamo capito che tutte quelle piccole cose che davamo per scontate ci mancano tantissimo… un caffè con un’amica una passeggiata al mare Incontrare i nipoti e giocare con loro Ma la primavera non lo sapeva e le gemme continuavano ad uscire e a fiorire a dirci aspetta il tuo tempo e poi potrai tornare a correre, ad abbracciare a vivere …. aspetta il tuo tempo e cogli questa occasione per fare tesoro di quello che vale veramente… buon inizio di primavera a tutti … nonostante tutto, nonostante la paura … ora è il momento della #resilienza #printemps #primavera #spring #love #quarantena #springtime #photooftheday #iorestoacasa #italy

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Also discover those songs that adapt to people who do not enjoy this season so much, either because they face difficulties or because theirs is not pollen and they do not see the petals fly around them.

A release that brought these two idols together as part of a Pepsi campaign. The video also presents a tender love story between two shy people who decide to venture into love.

Spring is not only flowers, sweet aromas and a blue sky, they are also allergies and loneliness when you have no one to share all the good that this season brings. The song expresses that while for some spring is synonymous with happiness, for others it may seem the opposite, however, a revelation arises when the interpreters of this melody realize that even under those circumstances, spring is full of things and exciting moments.

A sweet and joyous love song announcing the arrival of spring, during this song, the verses tell the story of a couple who separated, but Roy Kim invites his beloved to meet him this spring to resume their love.

A tune that describes how the spirit of spring motivates people to go out and enjoy what appears to be a perfect day, this being the perfect setting to fall in love.

With this song, GOT7 talks about how being with the right person can make all difficulties disappear, making your life seem more pleasant, with a beautiful and cloud-free sky.

To Gfriend the spring concept is doing very well, as demonstrated in this melody that relates a sunny and fresh environment that they want to share with the person they love, since in addition to the pleasant feeling of the weather and nature, romance comes opening happened during the season.

Although it is spring, it does not mean that from one day to the next the problems and worries are left behind, so if you are waiting for spring to come to your mind and your heart, this song will console you in difficult moments while you wait for it to come. Happiness also flourish within you.

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