K-pop songs to dedicate to your best friend in a …


Our best friends are people with whom we have shared memorable moments, they have been by our side in good times and bad, so they have become invaluable beings that are part of our lives.

For that reason, we often want to let that special friend know how much we love him and the great importance that he has in our day-to-day, regardless of whether they see each other all the time or if it is difficult to meet, it is important to remind our friendships how valuable they are but how should we do it?


If words are your strength, you may have found a clever way to tell him everything you feel, but if not, your favorite K-pop idols could help you let that person know what’s in your heart.

Below you will find different song suggestions that you can dedicate to your best friend, each one adapts to different feelings and situations, so some of them will be the ideal one for you.


Misunderstandings are nothing to you because the affection you have holds you together, this song will be a good reminder that you can count on each other in good times and bad, you can talk about anything and you will always treasure yourself in their hearts.

A thank you to that friend who brightens your days with his company and his loyalty. This song goes through all the special moments in which they have shared difficulties and joys, but thanks to their mutual support, both have been able to overcome any obstacle.

Although it is a song dedicated to the fans of this group, it is also perfectly intended to be dedicated to your best friend, since the lyrics describe that when everything seems complicated, the other person should only approach you to find support. Furthermore, the song notes that they still have many days to live and share as friends, making a promise to always stay together.

This song tells how despite having met by chance, that person came like a ray of light into your life, so it could be considered a miracle that it came to improve any difficult situation you might be facing. Like Buddy, it is a song that GOT7 prepared for her fans, but don’t you think they are the ideal words to thank your friend for their friendship?

Unlike the previous songs, this is a slightly less sentimental song, it has an animated melody and that is perfect because the message in the lyrics seeks just to encourage a very dear friend when she is having a bad time. Every day is a new opportunity to be happy and to achieve it you will always have someone by your side.


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