K-Pop: Most Popular Idols Of October 2021, Reputation Ranking


Who are the most popular idols? The support of their fans is reflected in the brand reputation ranking. Many idols are well loved and have millions of fans, who are the most popular? With the support of their fans, they manage to stand out in the K-Pop industry.

South Korea is a country full of talent, all idols give their best, are dedicated and very disciplined in their work; the great passion they have for music is very remarkable in these artists . In addition, they have very cute personalities that end up captivating millions of fans around the world.

The support of each fandom is reflected for their favorite artist within K-Pop and there are various indicators that let us know who the most popular idols are each month; With mentions, searches, likes and more, social networks help us measure how many people follow an idol .

Everything that fans do on the internet and social networks also serves as a support for each artist, as this gives them a good brand reputation and popularity index , which idols were the best in October? Members of the most loved K-Pop groups in the industry appear in the top 10 .

Top 10 Most Popular Idols In October 2021, Brand Reputation Rankings

Jimin – BTS

This is the month # 34 in which Jimin of BTS is on the first consecutively, the really popular idols and has remained in this position for more than two years.

Taehyung – BTS

One more BTS idol reaches number 2, Taehyung is the second most popular idol in October 2021, his fans do not stop supporting this idol.


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Jungkook – BTS

Bangtan Sonyeondan reigns supreme on this list as their idols are among the most popular and Jungkook remains in third place on this list of the most popular idols for October.


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Cha Eun Woo – ASTRO

Cha Eun Woo of ASTRO is not only idol, is also a great actor who has gained tremendous popularity thanks to their talents, so he stays at # 4 most popular Idols October.

Jin – BTS

It is notable that BTS has the most popular idols and at # 5 we find Jin , the Worldwide Handsome has many fans and his popularity is visible in the brand reputation rankings .

Yang Yoseob – Highlight

This idol released a new solo album in last September and as a contestant on the popular ‘The King of Mask Singer’ program has won 8 times in a row, this has enlarged his fame and Yang Yoseob of Highlight appears in the top 10 thanks to the new fans that he has won with his work.


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Suga – BTS

Suga is an excellent rapper from Bangtan and remains in the 7th position of most popular idols in October thanks to his fans not stopping to mention him and search for him on the internet.


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Taeyong – NCT

Many of NCT’s idols were trending, but only Taeyong managed to become the most popular idol and break into the top 10 in October, he holds the # 8 spot.


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The leader of BTS could not be left out of the list and he proves to be one of the most popular idols in this month of October 2021, so RM is in position # 9.


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Song Mino – WINNER

Song Mino is a WINNER rapper , although the band has been inactive for a while, he has continued as a solo artist and will have a solo concert very soon, the idol reached 10th in the brand reputation rankings.


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All the idols on the list and although they are not on the list they are very talented and always give their best for their fans, their work has always been amazing.


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