K-Pop idols with tastes that will surprise you


Some K-Pop idols have common clothing tastes and have worn the same clothes on different occasions Idols’ clothes always reflect a bit of their personality, whether it is the clothes they wear on a normal day or those that their stylists choose, these items should reflect traits of the essence of the idol who is going to wear them, but some K-Pop stars have agreed by choosing the same clothes.

Whether it is designer clothes, trends or items that were part of a stage performance, it is always interesting to meet K-Pop idols wearing the same garment.

But it is then that we realize that, even if it is the same clothing, each person gives it a personal touch according to the way they combine it or with the rest of their look, so that the same garment can transmit us very different vibes.

Here are some K-Pop stars who wore the same garment and the coincidence did not go unnoticed.


GOT7’s Mark, BTS’s RM, SEVENTEEN’s Vernon, and more

The yellow donut print sweatshirt became a sought after item for many K-Pop fans. This article attracted the attention of the fandoms in different ways, Mark wore it as part of his outfit in the Just Right MV, RM shared a photo wearing it inside Big Hit and Vernon carried it during a live performance, but they were not the only ones who joined this trend, since other artists also wore it in an incredible way.


GOT7’s JB and BLACKPINK’s Jennie

These idols have the same sweatshirt model and wore it for filming with their groups. We saw Jaebeom wear it during an issue of Weekly Idol while Jennie wore it while creating BLACKPINK HOUSE.

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Super Junior’s Shindong and KARD’s J.Seph

These idols wore the same shirt on one occasion, it is a white garment with prints that give it an incredible view. The funniest thing was that they used it at the same event and they noticed it when they met at the end of the concert.


TWICE’s Somi and Dahyun

These girls were fellow trainees of JYP Entertainment, who would say that years later they would wear the same outfit? It is a silver dress with sparkles that both wore to appear on stage and that each wore in her own style.


GOT7’s JB and BLACKPINK’s Rosé

These idols are Saint Laurent ambassadors, so when the new men’s spring collection was about to be released, YSL sent custom shirts for their ambassadors. Both JB and Rosé showed this garment on their Instagram accounts, each carrying their respective names in their pockets.



BTS’s Suga and ITZY’s Chaeryeong

The BTS member wore a yellow and brown sweater that wowed fans during his Seesaw performance, but a surprise came when Chaeryeong wore a matching outfit on an episode of Weeekly Idol. Despite being the same sweater, each one wears it with their own style.


Stray Kids’ Hyunjin and GOT7’s Jinyoung

These idols work under the JYP Entertainment label and also met when Stray Kids was about to debut, Jinyoung and Hyunjin wore a green and purple sweater with wide sleeves that stole the attention of fans.


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