K-Pop idols who were criticized for their body


Beauty standards have great strength, and K-Pop idols have received bad comments from those who criticize the way they look.

Entering the K-Pop industry places a great number of requirements on idols, in addition to the talent they must possess for singing and dancing, it is important that they meet South Korean beauty standards, but this expectation has caused some girls to receive very cruel criticism about their appearance.

For many of us, K-Pop idols always manage to look incredible, they have wonderful looks and outfits, but their beauty is another undeniable point.

Despite this, being public figures they can be exposed to the opinion of many people, who will not touch their hearts before making a criticism of the way each idol looks.

Although it is a problem that affects men and women within the entertainment industry, this time we will tell you about the idols who were victims of malicious comments about their bodies.


Wendy from Red Velvet

Wendy possesses surprising vocal strength, but her appearance is just as magnificent, however, this SM Entertainment idol has received criticism about her body that has led her to sustain diets difficult to maintain. As a consequence, Wendy has experienced changes in her weight that again gave way to negative comments against her.

TWICE’s Jihyo

Jihyo trained for much of her life at JYP Entertainment, however, when she joined SIXTEEN’s survival show, this idol received bad comments for her weight. This happened on several occasions, where she was told by photographers and Jinyoung Park that to be an idol, she had to take better care of her image than she does now. We later saw Jihyo’s mother explain that this girl’s change in image was due to the fact that she faced a stressful season.

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Hwasa’s image may not fit many of the Korean beauty stereotypes, which has led to a large number of criticisms and bad comments for minor aspects. But this girl has shown that her body and appearance do not need to be the way others expect, plus she possesses great talent.

SNSD’s Yoona

Yoona is one of the most recognizable visuals in the K-Pop industry, but that hasn’t saved her from receiving criticism for her body. Many times the thinness of this girl has been criticized noting that she could face health problems, they even referred to her as an idol who had a waist the size of a fist, which did not cause her anything funny.

Sulli from f (x)

When the f (x) girls were on the Hello Counselor show, some members of the audience took the mic and told the members that they should lose weight to make their arms and legs look better, but it was Sulli in particular who which received the most criticism. Although Amber came out in defense of her partner, Sulli’s reaction showed that she disagreed with the comments.

Kyla from Pristin

This American-born idol is still very young, but she has already received very cruel comments about her appearance. This girl has been the target of criticism, pointing out that she and particularly this idol’s legs looked bad. She was ignored by the photographers during one of PRISTIN’s shows and some point out that fans have also stopped cheering for the group when Kyla’s time comes.

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