K-pop idols who showed they have a strong character


Meet the idols who have been genuinely upset due to various situations with fans or during their performances.

K-pop idols should always take care of an image before their fans, because in South Korea they are taken into account as an example for society, but many times they are victims of their own emotions and cannot avoid being angry in situations that arise of control or with which they do not agree.


Although they do not get to say it or take action on it, Korean stars get angry and express it through their faces, which makes it inevitable that fans will notice, although they also react to injustices, defending themselves against sasaengs or against some reporters. They rarely show their anger, but they are really obvious.

The pressure of their agendas, the lives of celebrities they lead, fatigue, criticism and harassment from fans often end their patience, we must not forget that they are human beings and they also suffer, the facade of perfection is wrong, Well, idols deserve respect and privacy. We leave you a list of idols who have shown their anger in front of the cameras.



During the last comeback of SHINee’s idol, which he promoted with the song “Criminal”, Taemin showed his anger through a messaging app, as the SM company used his sinngle as background music for their reality show, days before it will release his album. He said he was upset and disappointed, as their comeback had been ruined.


LOVELYZ’s Yein was enraged when one of her fellow members made a broadcast on Instagram, but unfortunately received misplaced comments asking her to show her legs, when she heard the message the idol read, Yein couldn’t help herself and blurted out a bad word.

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Jackson Wang GOT7

Jackson has shown that he has a strong character, on one occasion he faced a photographer who pushed a fan trying to cover him from the rain. He also confronted a sasaeng at the airport, the idol recognized her and accused her of being the culprit of leaking his home address.


Jennie and Jisoo have a special dance between them, but during a group broadcast, her partner tried to do it with Lisa and Jennie got upset, at first she looked very angry, but then she joked in front of the cameras.

NCT 127

The uproar of the fans often causes accidents, NCT 127 experienced an uncomfortable situation when they arrived at the airport, as they all ran and pushed them, causing everyone to get upset.


Jungkook from BTS

During one of BTS’s performances in the “Blood Sweat & Tears” era, Jungkook seems to have recognized a sasaeng who recorded him during the performance and could not hide his anger, because his face was completely serious, others think it was because the next day he would have to attend a school ceremony.

Jeong-yeon TWICE

Jeong-yeon is one of the idols who can’t hide her annoyed face, she once looked angry, throughout TWICE’s performance she didn’t change her expression. Some also believe that she does not get along with a certain idol, because when they coincide in the ceremonies, her face is very expressive.


The idol does not like his classmates to joke with him or play practical jokes on him, therefore, at a concert D.O showed his annoyance when Chanyeol tried to pinch him on the chest, he is very calm and serious.


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