K-pop idols who looked amazing in military uniforms


Meet the hottest idols wearing their army outfits, each of whom has completed their mandatory military service.

Saying goodbye to your favorite idol has become one of the most difficult moments for K-pop fans, because upon reaching a certain age, idols must complete mandatory military service, which now lasts less than 24 months. Singers must undergo training at the military bases and then choose whether to do it in the police, community service, or navy.


The wait is often long, because not only do they say goodbye to one member, sometimes K-pop groups pause their activities for a period of 2 years waiting for all the members to have fulfilled this mission. They say goodbye not only to luxuries, but to their families and fans, as they only have certain days of vacation a year.

They also undergo a new haircut, which, although they make them look unrecognizable, also gives them a much more serious demeanor, although the fans miss them, they can sometimes see them in some ceremonies and events, where they perform covers of their groups or community tasks .


If they are already handsome on stage, they are also handsome when it comes to wearing formal suits and military uniforms that make them look handsome, we leave you a list of 10 idols who stole the sighs of their fans with their military uniforms.

Lee Minho

The most popular actor in dramas ended his service last year and resumed his activities in drama.

SHINee’s Minho

He is one of the idols who has captivated fans the most in the army, he decided to join the navy, so his evening dress makes him look incredibly handsome.

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Super Junior’s Eunhyuk

Actively serving in the military, the idol fell in love with his fans with the military suits and physique he developed during his training.

Super Junior’s Donghae

The idol decided to join the Seoul police and made the fans fall in love with his gala costumes and dance covers that he performed.


The former TVXQ member fell in love with fans during his military service, developed an incredible body, and the army jerseys made him look very handsome.

SHINee’s Lee Jinki

Another of the idols who made Shawol fall in love with his military uniform.

EXO’s Xiumin

He is about to finish his military service, the idol has fallen in love with EXO-L with each of the photos where he elegantly wears his uniform.

BTOB’s Sungjae

The idol just started his military service this year, the few photos that have come out of him have made Melody fall in love.


Song joong ki

The drama actor also stole the sighs in his military outfits.

Super Junior’s Siwon

The group member also joined the police and his bearing and elegance made him even more handsome in each of his outfits.


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