K-pop idols who are familiar that you might not know


Many idols and actors of Korean entertainment are family members and although they often do not interact on stage, there is a connection that unites them, such as that of brothers or cousins.

Family is an important part of everyone’s life, as they find support and encouragement in difficult times and help them achieve their deepest dreams, as in the case of these K-pop idols.

Many Korean pop artists have relatives within the same industry, whether they are brothers or cousins, these rappers, dancers, singers and actors decided to follow the same path as a person very close to them.

On different occasions they have shared their family dynamics and other times it is almost a secret that a bond unites them, in various cases these K-pop idols grew up seeing their brothers or cousins ​​as role models, prompting them to set the same goals.

What idols do you think are familiar and have incredible chemistry? This time we bring you important and famous Korean idols and actors who are brothers or cousins ​​and who love each other.

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SEVENTEEN’s BoA and Hoshi

Both idols have great stage careers and their family ties are distant, but they are both cousins, as much as SEVENTEEN’s BoA and Hoshi belong to the Kwon family.


Sandara Park and Thunder from MBLAQ

MBLAQ’s Sandara Park and Thunder are siblings, and the former member of group 2NE1 is the oldest, taking her beloved brother a few years older.

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INFINITE’s Sungyeol and Golden Child’s Daeyeol

An older brother is always a role model, so Golden Child’s Daeyeol was inspired by his brother INFINITE’s Sungyeol’s idol career to pursue his dreams.

NCT’s Doyoung and Gong Myung

NCT’s Doyoung is the younger brother of famous actor Gong Myung, both of whom have participated in special shows showing their family dynamics.

SPEED’s Sungmin and IZ * ONE’s Yena

IZ * ONE’s Yena began her dream as a K-pop artist by seeing that her brother Sungmin was focused on his idol career in the defunct group SPEED.


Lina from WANNA.B and Minah from Girls’ Day

WANNA.B’s Lina and Girls’ Day’s Minah took the same path and went into idol careers at different times. They both have angelic faces and are known for their voice.


JYJ’s Taeha and Junsu

Junsu was a member of TVXQ and now continues his career as a singer and dancer for group JYJ, he is a cousin of Taeha, a former member of the girl group MOMOLAND.


TWICE’s Jeongyeon and KARD’s Somin

TWICE idols Jeongyeon and cousin KARD’s Sonmi are political cousins, they both have great relationships, and their chemistry is great.


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