K-pop idol, the features and skills you need to be one of them


Discover the features most important to you have to be an idol of the K-pop.

The way to become a K-pop idol is not easy, nor is it easy, in addition to passing the first filter that is being chosen by a company, that does not ensure that you will debut in a group.

There are aspects that idols of the K-pop have to meet to officially join a company of entertainment , as well as the talent and artistic skills , many companies are seeking e l ‘star factor’.


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This is one of the most important requirements, idols go through several years of training to debut, so companies increasingly choose younger people to be part of their future artists.



You may be a great singer, dancer, rapper, or actress, but if you have them all at once, a company is more likely to be interested in your talent.



One of the aspects that companies give the most weight to is the charisma of their idols, a person who is very open and fun is more likely to be accepted within an entertainment agency.



Language is a priority for you to communicate with others, if you do not know how to speak Korean you will have to put all your effort into learning and improving your skills in English.



The South Koreans are accustomed to idols very thin , but if your talent stands out no matter how luzcas, one of the companies that do hearing will be interested in your talents.



In addition to having the potential to become a trainee , a very special aspect is that you must trust your skills and charisma to go far, the path to becoming an Idol is not easy



Facial expressions

One of the most defined characteristics of K-pop idols is that they have the ability to express the emotions of a song with their face.



It is very important that you fill the stage with your personality, because companies look at how you operate on stage and who you are.


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