K-Pop idol beauty standards that can be dangerous


Members of K-Pop groups must meet some qualifications to be accepted, but getting them can become risky. The K-Pop industry is full of amazing things, incredible talents and a strategy that has proven to be magnificent to become popular, however, not everything is rosy for idols and some may face great challenges to be accepted by fans.

It is now more common for K-Pop idols to talk about it and make known how they feel about expectations of them, so we also know a little more about their experience as music stars.

South Korea has been distinguished by the high standards of beauty that they have adopted, to the extent that cosmetic surgeries are usually even a gift for some young people. Therefore, in the case of idols, these standards are often stricter, painful, and sometimes risky.

Here are some of the qualities that K-Pop idols pursue to be accepted by entertainment agencies and by the fandom that supports them.


Since they are trainees, many of the guys who try to become idols tend to control their weight by orders of the entertainment agency that is going to debut them. To achieve this, it is common to resort to extreme diets that do not provide them with the nutrients they need. This can get worse if we consider the long training days they undergo, in which they expend great energy that will not be recovered through their diet.

Body shape
Even if the weight of a person is ideal, in the K-Pop industry it is very important to look slim, that applies not only to the belly but also the legs, arms and face, so in addition to a diet, the Idols must adjust their body to expectations through exercise, regardless of whether it is a natural complexion that is difficult to modify.


White skin
White skin is a quality that is a symbol of beauty in South Korea, which is why there are so many whitening products for the skin, but as if that weren’t enough, idol photos will be whitening.

Face shape
For idols, especially when it comes to girls, it is important that their face is very thin and that they have a marked jaw, to achieve this, diets are also used, but when that is not enough, there are some cosmetic surgeries that allow carving the bone to make them look even slimmer and with surprising features.

Mental health
All of these expectations and standards of beauty can be difficult to meet, so the pressure to become what others expect can lead to problems for anyone’s physical and mental health. Also, as public figures, idols are exposed to a large number of comments that can seriously affect them.


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