K-Pop group RM reveals what he’s doing to avoid boredom


Through social networks, the handsome leader RM of the South Korean group BTS revealed to the ARMY what he does to have fun and forget about boredom.

Every time BTS idols have the opportunity to share with the ARMY some things they do in their spare time, they have caused quite a stir, and this time the leader RM of the South Korean boy band released some recommendations so as not to get bored.

The 26-year-old rapper revealed to his fans what they can do to forget boredom, because due to the pandemic people have sheltered from Covid-19 in their homes, but fortunately the idol revealed what they can do For fun.

And it is that RM of the South Korean band BTS, returned to Weverse to surprise the ARMY with a new publication, the member of the K-Pop group recommended different activities so that users do not get bored, which caused a furor in social networks.

BTS’s RM recommends some activities for fun

The leader of the most influential South Korean group of the moment, shared with the ARMY some recommendations such as enjoying a good book, watching a documentary and listening to the song “Ew” by Joji, a song that is part of the singer’s album “Nectar”.


Similarly, he commented to his fans that he has been entertained with the documentary “The Social Dilemma”, a production that is on the Netflix streaming platform. This project talks about the addictions that users have on social networks.

And for the reading, the idol of the K-Pop group recommended the users the book “The depth of the landscape”, because the leader of the boy band is one of the boys who loves to learn new things and of course enjoy in his free time read a good read to gain new knowledge.

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