K-Pop fans support protests in the USA in an unusual way


Amid protests against racism in the United States, K-Pop fans are posting videos and photos of artists of the musical genre accompanied by hashtags such as #BlueLivesMatter (created in defense of US police) and #MAGA (acronym for Make America Great Again) to disrupt initiatives against US protests.

The posts began on Sunday (30), after the Dallas Police Department asked the population to send protest videos through a specific application. The group of fans responded to the request with several fancams, a practice that consists in the dissemination of short videos by K-Pop artists. Shortly thereafter, the department took the application offline.

This Monday, the Kirkland Police Department in Wasinghton asked followers to use the hashtag #calminkirkland to report protests and riots in the city.

However, the department was answered with a flood of fancams. As a result, posts on Twitter are decreasing the visibility of content related to hashtags – which, when searched on the website, show a series of videos and photos from musical groups such as BTS.


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