K-pop in danger from coronavirus? An idol could have been infected


The coronavirus has caused great concern in the K-pop community.

After the worrying outbreak of coronavirus in South Korea, the cases already add more than 2,000 infected, which has caused the shortage of masks, BTS canceled his tour in his home country and several events have been canceled to prevent its spread.

However, a rumor has altered the media and social networks, because it is said that someone famous could have contracted the disease.

According to some Korean media, a famous idol made a trip abroad to do a photo shoot, but on his return, a staff staff began to have symptoms of the coronavirus. Allegedly, the manager underwent an exam to check if he is infected.

The person in question would have visited the idol agency , but it is not known if he had direct contact with other colleagues or artists. Fandoms began to worry, because they fear for the integrity of their favorite groups.

So far, the truth and identity of the idol has not been revealed, to which agency or group it belongs, but there is talk of a solo singer. The artist and sttaf have voluntarily quarantined from their homes.


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