Throughout this year, many K-Pop groups surprised us with the releases of their new albums. But what can we expect by 2020? So far, there are several groups that already have plans to make comeback the following year, while others continue to leave tracks of their next musical releases.

Discover which bands will release new music in 2020!

After the efforts made by the BLINKS for YG Entertainment to listen to their prayers and treat the girls better, the company confirmed that BLACKPINK will have new projects by 2020, including the expected comeback that many of us need. There is still no specific date for the release of the new girl band album, but it is expected to be during the first months of next year. Yaay!

The MONSTA X guys are also preparing a new album that will probably make us cry a lot. ‘All About Luv’ will be released on February 14, 2020 and one of his new songs is already here: have you heard ‘Middle Of The Night’?

Also, MONSTA X is about to release its collaboration with Sebastián Yatra, which is entitled ‘MAGNETIC’ and will be launched on December 20. OMG! Listen now to a preview of the song:

Recently, VERIVERY boys announced the release of their third mini album ‘FACE ME’, which will be available on all digital platforms from next January 7, 2020. That same day, the MV of ‘FACE will be released IT ‘, his main song. See here a teaser of the new VERIVERY:

Over the past few months, many rumors have emerged around Bangtan’s expected comeback and in their most recent public appearances, idols have talked about their plans to release an amazing album in the coming months. According to RM’s statements, BTS will have a new tour in 2020 and BigHit said that as soon as everything is ready, the release date of their new album will be confirmed. Rumors assure that the band’s comeback will arrive in February. Are you ready?

After Taeyang, Daesung and G-Dragon returned from the army after they finished their military service, BIGBANG fans are waiting for the band to gather to make another comeback. G-Dragon recently said he was very anxious to return to work, so many thought he was perhaps talking about a new album by the band.

However, Taeyang said they may need to rest a little and think better, although they are dying to return to the stage with new music. Could it be that BIGBANG took us by surprise in 2020?

After having released their album ‘Clé: Levanter’, the boys of Stray Kids are preparing to make their debut in Japan, which will take place in March 2020. OMG!

Like Stray Kids, TXT also recently announced that they will make their debut in Japan with ‘Magic Hour’ on January 15. Without a doubt, 2020 paints to be a great year for idols. <3


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