K-Dramas with unexpected twists that will surprise you


There are K-Dramas that are not what we expected, but many times they are even better. One of the great advantages of diversity in the themes of Korean dramas is that each person can find productions that fit their preferences and also discover new genres full of emotion.

However, sometimes we start looking at these productions with an expectation in mind and the drama surprises us with another type of narrative. QUE?

It has probably happened to you that, during the first chapters, the trailer, or when reading a synopsis, you think that K-Drama will be one way, but moving forward in the story turns out to be something different.

But don’t worry, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing, on the contrary. Many times these unexpected turns in history or a different point of view from which it is encompassed, offer us possibilities towards a narrative that will surprise you.

Here are some dramas that, due to the theme or rhythm in the first chapters, will surprise you throughout history by taking an unexpected turn.


Go Ha Jin accidentally travels to the past and appears inside a palace that houses several princes. She will take the name of Hae Soo and will have to adapt to the new environment in order to survive, although due to her personality she is very prone to getting into trouble.


It tells the story of a doctor who is brought to North Korea for surgery, since he has no one to take care of his son and decides to take him with him, but later they will realize that they will not be able to return to their country. When little Park Hoon grows up and becomes a doctor like his father, he will try to escape with his girlfriend and flee to another country, will they succeed?

SPOILER: At the beginning of the story the characters will fight with enthusiasm for their freedom, so they manage to spread their hope. However, as the episodes progress, we see the characters unfold with fear and uncertainty, the drama changes pace during its narrative, while the characters’ countenance and the atmosphere of the story also take a turn.

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Oh Yeon Joo is the daughter of a famous artist recognized for being the author of the most popular webtoon of the moment. However one day him father decides that she will stop writing the story, so she will end the life of Kang Chul, the main character of the webtoon. At that time, Yeon Joo is transported to the fictional world that him father has created and will have to save Kang Chul from him fate.

SPOILER: The main characters seem to have everything under control when they begin to understand what’s going on, however the appearance of an unknown character in the webtoon will give a twist to the story and keep you on the edge of the seat, so it will be Impossible to question whether the protagonists will succeed in the face of evil.


A member of the psychiatry department is invited to an interview with the most popular radio DJ, from their first meeting they notice that their personalities are completely opposite, however, their paths will inevitably unite, coming to live even in the same house , where we will see that each one suffers from a different disorder and how it has affected them throughout their lives.

SYNOPSIS: This drama presents different cases of disorders, however, as the story progresses, we realize that the characters who seemed to better control their condition, are actually those who have been most affected by it, surprises are a constant in this story that chapter by chapter will solve some mysteries about the personality of the characters.


Five friends who studied together in medical school meet when they start working for the same hospital, although each one has taken a different specialty, the union between them prevails, so they will share many moments together and even retake the band they formed years ago.


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