K-Drama Kairos Releases New Suspenseful Teaser


Kairos will be released very soon, and the first teaser for this K-drama will spark your interest in its mysterious story.

New productions in the world of K-Dramas are coming, Kairos is one of the series that we will see in October and MBC has already revealed a trailer that will capture the attention of all fans of mystery and Asian productions, we will tell you about what it is about.

Romance and fantasy will meet in a suspenseful story that will catch you, Kim Seo Jin is focused on his career and has managed to stand out among the executives of the company where he works, although his professional and personal life seems to be ideal, everything changes when one day his daughter disappears.

This man is not the only one facing this situation, Han Ae Ri’s mother has also just disappeared, which leads Seo Jin and Ae Ri to join forces to discover what is behind this event, but they will be in for a big surprise when discover that they are communicating from two different times.


The trailer for this K-Drama shows us the moment when Seo Jin finds out about the disappearance of his little girl and despair takes hold of him as a large team begins to follow the girl’s trail to locate her.

Followed by this, tension and mystery are present with chases, phone calls and confusion for the characters trying to find their loved ones.

The cast includes actors such as Shin Sung Rok, Lee Se Young, Nam Gyu Ri, Ahn Bo Hyun, and many more stars from acting in South Korea.

The drama Kairos will begin airing at the end of October, with a scheduled premiere date of October 26 and will reveal two episodes each week.

Do you plan to see this new series? The premiere of Kairos has already created great expectations among fans of K-Dramas and you cannot lose track of this great story.

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