JYPn Finally Introduces Lily As The Next Member


JYP Entertainment has introduced Lily as the next member of their new girl group. On Friday (11/19), JYP Entertainment uploaded the latest cover video from Lily.

Through this cover video, Lily sings Brunor Mars and Cardi B’s song ‘Finesse‘, accompanied by live band music.

Lily or previously known as Lily M is known to have starred in the program ‘K-Pop Star‘ in 2015. At that time Lily managed to rank fourth and then signed an exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment.

Lily is a girl of Korean and Australian nationality, who was born on October 17, 2002. After undergoing a trainee period for more than 6 years, Lily will finally debut as a member of JYP Entertainment’s new girl group.

While waiting for the debut of JYP Entertainment’s new girl group in 2022, let’s check out the cover video for ‘Finesse’ from Lily below!