JYP stops Hyunjin’s activities and fans respond

After the Stray Kids member was accused of bullying, the company has made some changes to its schedule.

The bullying controversies in the K-Pop world continue and Hyunjin’s case has not left Stray Kids fans alone, JYPE shared a message that increased STAY’s annoyance.

The singer was recently accused of bullying in his school days and although he received the love of his fans, some friends and teachers, the issue continues to give a lot to talk about while different positions face each other on social networks. JYP Entertainment shared a statement announcing that due to the controversy over the bullying allegations, Hyunjin will be halting his activities as a celebrity until further notice.

The company explained that this announcement had taken longer than expected, however, it was because of the conversations they had with the companies with whom Hyunjin had activities scheduled on his agenda.

JYP Entertainment assured that the idol will be reflecting on his actions while staying away from the industry and apologized for causing concern among fans.

(Hyunjin) He sincerely regrets that he hurt many people with his inappropriate words during his high school years.


The group’s fans expressed their disagreement because they consider that the entertainment company is not protecting its artist. Some fans of Stray Kids on social media share their view of the situation and argue that JYP Entertainment has not given accurate statements, thus causing Hyunjin to take a position as guilty.

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Meanwhile, internet users continue to debate over the interpretations that have been made of Hyunjin’s and JYPE’s words .

Hyunjin also recently wrote a letter expressing his feelings about the bullying controversy that has gained steam in recent days.



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