JYP Responds To Controversy Over MMM Choreography


TREASURE was the victim of a controversy after making their comeback with “MMM”, the idols’ choreography was considered dangerous.

The new K-pop group from the agency JYP returned with their third album “The First Etep: Chapter Three”, the industry rookies recently debuted and surprised TREASURE MAKER with a new single; However, the boys’ promotions were affected by the criticism received for their dancing to the song.

Through their official social networks, TREASURE revealed their new MV “MMM”, which already has more than 8 million views on YouTube, the video shows the idols’ ability to rap, they also showed off their dance skills, Despite being rookies in the Korean pop industry, the boys prepared hard for their debut.

However, this new comeback was the target of controversy after they performed at music shows as part of their promotions, as knetizens consider the dance to be inappropriate and expressed their concern about the members, JYP responded to the demands and shared a statement.


Through their official account, the K-pop agency JYP published a text to clarify the situation of TREASURE in “MMM”, they explained the measures that will be taken in this regard and assured the fans that none of them have been hurt during the process of the comeback.

According to netizens, TREASURE performs a dangerous step in the choreography of “MMM”, at minute 2:56 some of the members stand on the backs of others while doing some movements, which was criticized and JYP promised to modify part dance to avoid accidents in the future, although he explained that the K-pop group properly prepared for the dance without major obstacles.

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Until now, the guys from TREASURE have not declared anything about it, but in K-pop many times very difficult steps are taken, but idols have years of training to be able to perform such activities, although they are never exempt from injuries.

TREASURE is not the first group of idols to present dances considered dangerous, in the past choreographies with very difficult movements have been found.


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