JYP Idols Show Their Support For Stray Kids For GO Premiere


Many artists of the company have a good relationship with the boys of Stray Kids. K-pop artists met with the guys from Stray Kids to support them on their musical comeback with their album ‘GO’.

Stray Kids members are very excited about comeback with the album ‘ GO ‘, which includes the title track ‘God´s Menu’ . To promote and reveal some details of the record material, Bang Chan made a live on YouTube.


The leader of Stray Kids met with netizens via a live broadcast called ‘Limited Version’, the idol invited all his fellow group and also had the presence of other idols of JYP Entertainment.

Artists like DAY6’s Young K, 2 PM’s Jun.K, and TWICE’s Sana enlivened the live with their presence, idols interacted with Stray Kids ‘ singers and rappers , talked a bit about friendship.

The artists of JYP Entertainment are very close and always comment that they do not see themselves as competition, they said that they see themselves as a family since they entered the company as trainees.

TWICE’s Sana has always shown her love and support for all Stray Kids members , DAY6’s Young K and 2PM’s Jun.K shared that one thing that unites them to Bang Chan is a love of music.

Check out the Bang Chan live ‘ LIMITED VERSION’:

For this musical return, the members of Stray Kids prepared a very complete tracklist, inspired by different passages of their lives and they hope that STAY will enjoy this first extended material.


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