Justly! Suggest Call of Duty: Warzone streamers play in easier lobbies


Activision’s popular battle royale has a little secret
Along with Fortnite and Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the most popular battle royale titles today. Unlike its competitors, this one has a more realistic gaming experience and aesthetics. Perhaps this is why Activision’s title still remains one of the most played.


Being such a popular title, there are many streamers dedicated to creating content about it and the news it brings with each season. However, Warzone has been a hot topic lately due to a YouTuber’s discoveries about some of the great streamers dedicated to the game.

The great secret of the Warzone pros?

The YouTube user, known as Quaisy uploaded a video to his channel with the name: “Proof that streamers have easier lobbies.” In this he analyzes the supposed difference between lobbies for normal users of Warzone and those supposedly dedicated only to streamers.

The biggest factor to take into account for Quaisy is the ratio of murders and deaths in each lobby. That is, the average number of deaths that the players on that server achieve before dying. While the overall average is 1.1, the YouTuber shows that streamers like JackFrags spend almost 78% of their games on servers where the average is less than 0.58.

In addition to his discovery of streamers, Quaisy also realized that those who play solo games are often sent to the easier servers. The YouTuber explains that this could be because the developers consider that those who play alone are not so hooked on Warzone. So it would be a way to give them a few moments of fun without frustration.

Quaisy uses his own data within Warzone as a point of reference. He has an average of 1.73 for each game and consequently, he is put to play on servers with players of a similar average. However, there are streamers with averages of 5.3 who still have games on servers with users much less experienced than them.

This has caused some anger in the community. Some comments on the video mention that it is a type of indirect marketing: By making streamers feel invincible, they will continue to play the game and make content that will consume thousands of subscribers. What do you think about this? Will it change the way you watch or play Warzone?


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