Justin Timberlake Reveals List of Contributions on the Way


Justin Timberlake wants to make more partnerships in his career. The singer told Entertainment Tonight that he was in the studio recently with Lizzo, SZA and Meek Mill developing new material. SZA and Meek Mill are for their next album.

“I called my editors and said:‘ I want to work with young people. I want to collaborate more ‘. I have been a songwriter and producer for a long time. I want to experience this energy and I want to work with people who I think are truly wonderful, ”says the artist,“ I worked with SZA the other day and just worked with Meek Mill. I am having these experiences that are feeding me in a very different way. This was born of the feeling that what I can do now for my community is to integrate myself. ”

The song with Lizzo, with whom he was in studio in August, apparently is for her. The two met at the Songwriters Hall of Fame and decided to work together. “We had some ideas. I won’t tell you much about what we did in the studio together. If she wants to tell you, she can, but it’s kindling. It’s very good. I’m very excited, ”he said.



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