Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel: where have they been since the accusations of infidelities?


Justin Timberlake sent an open letter to answer the rumors on Instagram. Jessica Biel’s husband photographed hand in hand Alisha Wainwright says she made a mistake. We explain to you!

Indeed, the famous actor and singer Justin Timberlake is accused of having cheated on his wife in plain sight. However, a photo shows that there was something with an actress. Would not it be a rapprochement, because they appear hand in hand. Thus, he argues that he has “nothing happened” in his message posted on Insta. “I stay as far as possible away from gossip, but it seems important to my family, to respond to recent rumors that hurt the people I love, “says Jessica Biel’s husband.

When he was photographed, he appeared under alcohol. This took place on the evening of November 21, he was in the company of actress Alisha Wainwright. The two actors play a couple in the film “Palmer” currently shooting. It is thanks to the clichés published by The Sun that the rumor ignited. In this photo we see them hold hands under a table, sitting on the balcony of a bar in Louisiana.

Justin Timberlake had to receive so many messages and see so many rumors spreading on the net that he decided to answer. “A few weeks ago, I made a serious miscalculation. But let it be clear: nothing happened between me and my colleague, “he explains before talking about an important point:” I drank too much that night and I regret my behavior. I should have been suspicious. He says.

Previously Justin Timberlake had already been accused of treason against his wife Jessica Biel. “This is not the example I want to show my son,” says Cry Me a River’s interpreter, not to mention apologizing “to (his) incredible wife and all (his) family for put in such an embarrassing situation. ” Finally, he concludes on a positive note: “I am keen to be the best husband and father possible. This was not the case”.


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