Justin Sun Promises Help For Hacked KuCoin


Tron founder Justin Sun pledged to help KuCoin, thought to have been hacked today. Saying that they will follow the hackers who stole $ 150 million from the stock market, Sun said he hopes the money will be returned to the exchange as soon as possible.

Asia-based cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin may have been hacked a few hours ago. Although the stock market has not yet used the term “hack” to describe the event, many prominent names of the crypto money community are of the opinion that the exchange has been hacked.

Hackers are thought to have stolen $ 150 million worth of cryptocurrency after gaining access to KuCoin wallets. Tron founder Justin Sun; He made a post on social media and called for support for KuCoin, who was hacked and said that they will follow the event.

They Will Tag The Hackers

  • Tron founder Justin Sun commented on his Twitter account, “I hope KuCoin will get this money back as soon as possible.”
  • Sun said they will track the stolen cryptocurrencies through TronScan.
  • In this way, it can be seen to which address the crypto money stolen from the stock exchange is transferred.
  • In addition, Sun said the Poloniex team was aware of the situation.
  • If the hacker stealing crypto money from KuCoin sends these coins to Poloniex, this address will be blocked.
  • Although this support message given by Sun was appreciated as the incoming, there were also some critics of this post.
  • A Twitter user finds it wrong that Sun made such a statement.
  • Sun according to this user; Explaining that Poloniex was aware of the situation, he gave a message to the hackers, “Do not take action on Poloniex, you will be caught”.
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