Justin Sun Makes Himself Funny Again


Justin Sun announced that they will focus on TikTok videos from now on.

Justin Sun, CEO of the Tron Foundation and the name behind the Tron cryptocurrency , was again on the agenda of the cryptocurrency industry with a new statement. As it is known, Dogecoin, one of the popular altcoins, has achieved an incredible rally recently and the reason for this is known as TikTok.

The fact that a Dogecoin investor called for people to invest in Dogecoin by shooting videos on TikTok really got the answer. The phenomenon, which stated that they could reach $ 10,000 in return for investing $ 25 in Dogecoin, helped the Dogecoin price break a record.

Justin Sun Missed Dogecoin

DOGE, which has achieved an increase of 100% and above, has attracted the attention of the entire cryptocurrency sector. Justin Sun, in a statement immediately after this incident, stated that they will now focus on TikTok videos as Tron.

Josh Rager, one of the famous cryptocurrency analysts, responded critically to this. Rager hinted that Dogecoin was stealing his move, stating that Justin Sun could also produce a dog mascot while he was already involved. It was previously seen that Justin Sun was trying to imitate the marketing methods of various cryptocurrencies.

An example of the announcement of Tron 4.0 prior to Ethereum 2.0.

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