Justin Long hints at a possible sequel to Tusk, and Kevin Smith supports it


According to the star of the film Justin Long (“Jeepers Creepers”, “The Barbarian”), perhaps a new sequel to Kevin Smith’s strange and unusual film “The Tusk” is in development.

The original horror comedy film, released by A24 in 2014, is a comedic and surreal journey populated by sea stories, captivity, body modifications and growing fear, all with a strong dose of humor that Smith is known for in past projects such as Clerks. (1994) and Dogma (1999). The film started with mixed reviews and terrible box office receipts, but found many new fans thanks to rumor and streaming platforms. Initially, “Tusk” was planned as the first of three loosely related films from Smith’s “True North” series, along with “Yoga Hosers” (2016) and another yet-to-be-released project, “Jaws of the Moose.” However, Long mentioned a direct sequel to the first film during a conversation with Slash Film.

Long, who played a podcaster turned monster in the original film, said discussions of a possible sequel could be in full swing, and many of the original cast, including Long’s film partners Haley Joel Osment and Genesis Rodriguez, asked Smith about interest in the film. continuation. The film tells about the misfortune of Wallace Brighton (Long), a podcaster who travels to Canada in search of a story about a viral video, but instead finds himself in the house of a wheelchair-bound Howard Howe (Michael Parks), who shares stories about his past life at sea. Howe drugs Wallace, holding him captive by removing his limbs to force him into the form of Mr. Tusk, the walrus who reportedly rescued Howe after a shipwreck.

Wallace’s podcast co-host Teddy (Osment) and girlfriend Ellie (Rodriguez) travel to Canada in search of their friend, who was not only blinded to look like a walrus, but also forced Howe to behave like a walrus through brainwashing and behavior modification. Although it may seem that the Tusks storyline has come to its terrible and terrifying end — Long’s character has completely turned into a walrus who kills his captor by impaling him with his tusks — Kevin Smith confirmed in Fatman Beyond that the ideas were thrown out for a sequel in which Long’s character becomes a villain who repeats a pattern of violence and torture, applied by Hou.

Although the film’s debut in 2014 was less impressive, many have since discovered Tusk in streaming mode, liking it for its bizarre mix of comedy and horror, as well as for its comments on human and animal nature among Frankenstein subtexts. With a new and growing interest in A24 as a studio creating innovative and high-quality films, the sequel will be a great chance to explore the themes of the first film more fully and introduce new fans to the original with a fresh look.

Tusk is available on Amazon Prime Video.


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