Justin Hartley (This is Us) Divorce Chrishell Stause, with a strange timing


A few days ago, the two actors in the series were together, arm in arm, alliance on the finger and smiling. However, to believe the request for divorce since registered by a court in Los Angeles, they would be separated for several months …

Justin Hartley’s heart is alive: the actor of the excellent NBC series This is Us, in which he plays one of the sons of Pearson (themselves played by Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore), is in the middle of a divorce. .. and the situation seems tense.

On November 22, 2019, the TMZ.com website revealed that the 42-year-old American star has just filed with the court her request to end her marriage with Chrishell Stause, while they were still appearing together in public. days earlier.

If they cumulate with them two some experience of the emotional episodes on the screen for having played one like the other in famous soap operas (Passions and the Fires of the love for him, Days and lives, The Force of Fate and The Fires of Love also for her), the break-up of Justin Hartley and his future ex-wife, in real life, also conceals a plot: in the documents he has filed, the actor indicates that their separation dates back to July 8 and motivates his request because of irreconcilable disputes (the motive “classic”) … but the couple has since appeared several times as if everything was fine, including November 14 at a party organized by the Golden Globes, a month after having gone together to the annual Veuve Clicquot gala. Amazing from two spouses who do not get along …

Justin Hartley, who is also well-known for the seriesvores for his roles in Smallville (Green Arrow), Revenge and Mistresses, says he does not want to pay Chrishell any alimony or pay his court fees. Could it be because a pre-established marriage contract provides for this to happen, or because there is a difference between the two? In any case, the couple did not have children – one less problem in the procedure.

Hartley and Stause had started dating together in 2013, introduced to each other by a mutual friend in the soap opera world, then became engaged in July 2016 and celebrated their wedding in October 2017. The actor had already been married in the past, and already with a soap partner, Lindsay Korman (Passions, Days and Lives). A union that lasted eight years (2004-2012) and produces a girl, Isabella (15 years), which they share the guard. He had met Chrishell as a colleague of Lindsay in Days and Lives.

Chrishell Stause, who cautiously evoked the possibility of having a child with Justin in May, was this year starring in Selling Sunset, a Netflix documentary series on luxury real estate in Los Angeles.


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