Justin Hartley does not “keep up” with the love life of ex-Chrischel Stous, G Flip relationship after divorce: details


Keeping the past in the past. Justin Hartley is not following any details about his ex-wife Chrischel Stauss‘ current dates, including her new romance with G Flip.

“Justin doesn’t follow the news about Criscella at all,” the source exclusively reports, noting: “He’s not the kind of person who follows the news about celebrities if someone doesn’t tell him about it.”

The 45-year—old “This Is Us” star “really strives to keep his personal life a secret, especially when it comes to relationships,” the insider continues.

The actor, who broke up with 40-year-old Stause in November 2019 after two years of marriage, has been married to his former partner in the film “The Young and the Restless” Sofia Pernas since the beginning of 2021. He was previously married to Lindsay Hartley (nee Corman) since 2004. until 2012. The ex-spouses have a daughter Isabella, 17 years old.

For her part, the “Selling Sunset” star, who spoke about her relationship with the non-binary 27-year-old singer at the reunion of the fifth season earlier this month, openly discussed her past relationship with Justin in the Netflix hit.

“What Crishell wants to tell on TV about their past is her business. He has nothing to do with this — he is far from this relationship,” adds the source of the NBC star’s reaction to the ex—wife’s public comments. “He doesn’t like drama and isn’t a big fan of reality TV. …He can’t control what she says. He doesn’t pay attention to it.”

The insider also claims that the former spouses “haven’t talked for a long time,” noting: “As soon as they broke up and divorced, that was the end of it.” Justin and Stous finalized their divorce in January 2021.

The Netflix star wasted no time in showing her love for her current partner after confirming their relationship on May 6. The couple not only starred in G Flip’s latest music video “Get Me Outta Here”, but also held several intense kissing sessions. video. Staus also defended her relationship with the “Gay 4 Me” artist from “concerned” and “concerned” fans.

“For me, it’s about a person. It’s about their heart. I am attracted to male energy, and I don’t care what my physical form is,” the graduate of All My Children told fans via Instagram on Tuesday, May 11. — With G they identify themselves as non-binary. They really feel like they’re a mix. They identify a man and a woman on both sides. I personally find [it] such a wonderful combination, and that’s probably why we connected so quickly on such a deep level.”

She also spoke frankly about what they are like in different spheres of life.

“Yes, I wish we were at the same stage in our lives and wanted the same things, but that doesn’t diminish our deep connection,” added Staus, who has done away with her Oppenheim Group boss Jason Oppenheim. in December 2021 because of her desire to have children.

Her ex-husband is also happy with his own novel.

“Justin is very happy with Sofia. He likes that she is as secretive in her relationship as he is, and they have a lot in common,” a source tells us. “He is a family man who takes care of his teenage daughter Isabella and protects her. He’s really doing well and he’s always focused on his career.”