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According to his Bears teammates, Justin Fields is ready for a big second season.

Throughout the camp, a number of Chicago offensive players noticed changes in the young quarterback during his first full offseason.

With wide receiver Darnell Mooney telling Red Line Radio, “He’s locked up… He’s going to have a big year for sure.”

The NFL world reacted to Mooney Justin Fields’ comments on Wednesday.

“I’m betting on it,” one user said. “He’s better than Zach Wilson, IMO.”

“COME ON, JUSTIN,” the fan replied in capital letters.

“Throw to whom?” The Niners fan asked.

“It’s easy to make a big jump when it’s so terrible,” said another.

“Yes, it’s locked… on 4-13,” another user laughed.

“I’ll take the ‘Useless Off-Season Quotes’ for 500, Alex.”

“As a fan, I would like us to shut up and just see what happens,” commented the Chicago native.

“No, he’s not.”

“He may be ready, but the team is not,” another replied.

“One of the simplest candidates for the title of the most advanced player,” said another. “The coaching staff is better, he is focused in the starting lineup, he has several games under his belt. I just hope he stays healthy!”

Hopefully, after some rookie difficulties, Fields will be able to prove to the league why the Bears sold him.