Justin Bieber’s mother Pattie Mallette loves Jennifer Lopez


Pattie Mallette, Justin Bieber’s mom is a fan of Jennifer Lopez. The proof with this comment posted on the singer’s Instagram. All fans of Jennifer Lopez ! On Instagram, Pattie Malette, Justin Bieber’s mom left a comment under the latest publication of the American star.

How to resist Jennifer Lopez’s plastic ? At 50, the bomba latina proves that you can age and be sublime. Her last photo on Instagram is living proof of this. The young woman with 115 million subscribers recently posted a selfie in her bathroom. “Recharged and relaxed” , as she wrote in legend. She therefore wears a two-piece white swimsuit, revealing her forms. And internet users are asking for more…

Liked more than 7 million times , the image has aroused a lot of reactions from fans of the singer, but also stars. This is the case with Lenny Kravitz or Diplo, who then did not hesitate to comment on the artist’s physique. “OMG,” writes the music producer. And that’s not all ! The mom of Justin Bieber , Pattie Mallette commented shot of the star. ” I can not stand it anymore. You give us hope !! Well done, mama. I have to start !! She wrote, overwhelmed.


In the Bieber family, we ask for Pattie Mallette. The young woman who has always pushed her son to achieve her dreams is today a fulfilled mother. In the front row at the wedding of her son, Justin Bieber , the pretty brunette therefore left several messages to her son on Instagram. “You are a gift to each other,” she said. “I am thankful and constantly touched by the love and blessings of God on you. My mom’s heart is therefore filled with joy ” . It’s beautiful.

Number 1 fan of her son, Pattie Mallette did not hesitate to compliment Justin Bieber at the time of the release of her clip, 10,000 Hours . The mother also seems to appreciate her beautiful daughter and let her know by interposed messages. “You are truly blessed to be with such a beautiful bride, son,” says one. “Inside and out. I don’t think you can have someone who matches you as much. ”


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