Justin Bieber will perform live at TikTok!


Justin Bieber will be spending his Valentine’s Day evening on TikTok. He will give a unique concert on the platform to celebrate the love of his fans.

Justin Bieber is preparing to give a very special gift for his fans. The singer is ready to do anything to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day. And this is on TikTok.

Justin Bieber is no longer a heart to take. In fact, the “Baby” singer got married in September 2019 to Hailey Baldwin. And they are more in love than ever.

The Canadian singer even wrote a song just for her. And he didn’t want to wait any longer before announcing it to everyone. And it works ! On YouTube, the official video for “Anyone” has already accumulated 50 million views.

A video that traces the life of a boxer who trains in the ring. And who meets a young woman by the sea. They fall in love and never leave each other.

And the public seems to appreciate it a lot because the video caused a sensation upon its release. But fans prefer the second video the singer posted. Which is much more intimate.

In fact we see Justin Bieber and his wife filming themselves in the mountains but also in their bed. They smile at the camera and hug each other. A simple black and white video that captures everyday moments.

A true declaration of love to his wife then. She who has always been by his side, for better or for worse. And Justin Bieber has not finished declaring his love.


Justin Bieber has love to give. And his fans will not escape it. That’s why he announced the airing of his first concert on the TikTok app.

He will therefore perform live his greatest hits which have made his fame. But also new songs he had never sung in public.

Indeed, it is following his documentary-concert “Believe” that the album “Journals” was released in 2013. A compilation of 15 titles in which we find artists like Big Sean, Lil Wayne or Chance The Rapper.

“Journals is one of my favorite projects and I have never performed it live before,” said Justin Bieber.

But Justin Bieber isn’t going to be all about singing old songs. He also plans to perform songs from his latest album in preparation. We will therefore find “Holy”, “Lonely” and of course “Anyone”.

But also hits from his album “Changes” released in 2020 and which won no less than 4 nominations at the 63rd Grammy Awards.

This exclusive show on the TikTok platform will take place this Sunday, February 14 from 9 p.m. But if you have plans for Valentine’s Day, no problem. A replay is scheduled for the next day, Monday, February 15 at 1 p.m.


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