Justin Bieber: he will do everything to support the black community!


Singer Justin Bieber uses his Instagram account to spread strong messages and support the black community!

Since the murder of infamous George Floyd, Justin Bieber has been keen to support the black community in the United States …

For several days, Justin Bieber has been using his community to send strong messages! Indeed, the latter does not want to be one of those people who turn a blind eye when they see injustice!

Thus, the man took 100% part in the Black Lives Matter movement! Indeed, each of his Instagram posts has been dedicated to the cause for several days already….

So, this Sunday, June 7, 2020, Justin Bieber posted the poignant text on Instagram aimed at supporting and highlighting the culture and the black community in the United States and all over the world! A great initiative from Hailey Baldwin’s darling!


So Justin Bieber posted the following. “I am inspired by black culture. I benefited from black culture! My style, the way I sing, dance, dress … It’s all influenced by black culture! “First started writing the artist!

And also to add. “From this day on, I will use my platform to learn about and talk about racism, injustice, and oppression … I will identify how I can be among the people who change this! ”

A post that internet users therefore loved! Indeed, they wanted to congratulate Justin Bieber! MCE TV therefore invites you to read some comments!

“Thank you Justin! “Justin, this is really the best! “Always there to support good causes!” “There is nothing better than this singer … So thank you for defending the community!” Black Lives Matter! »Can we read on Instagram!


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