Justin Bieber was caught watching her Selena show


Justin Bieber could be a fan of Selena Gomez’s cooking show, there is a clue that could confirm it. Some time ago Gomez premiered her recipe show on HBO Max called Selena + Chef, a show where the singer gives her best eating tips and, like every expert in the field, appears cooking her favorite dishes.

Yesterday, Justin Bieber published some controversial images on social networks, in him  Instagram stories he shared the shows he had been watching on the HBO Max digital platform.

Internet users noticed that the ‘Confident’ singer enjoyed the program Selena + Chef on HBO Max, because, although the full promotional image does not appear, a part of Gomez’s shoulder appears. Woow.

The also actress, was dressed in a yellow garment and a light brown background, the promotional poster for Selena + Chef is very colorful and there are elements that are unmistakable within the photograph, will it be Justin if he was watching the Selena show?

Justin’s fans were divided in opinions, because while some thought that only the photograph of Selena appeared as a recommendation, others say that Bieber can not forget her romance with Gomez.

Justin is already a married man, which generated another wave of criticism, as users on social networks think that it is a lack of respect for Hailey Baldwin Bieber, wife of the Canadian.

Selena and Justin lived a very passionate romance years ago, life led them to separate and meet new people, although there are still followers of both who continue to hope that one day they will meet again.

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