Justin Bieber: video game break with his “blood brother”!


Justin Bieber just posted a photo with his “blood brother”, Ryan Good… Internet users loved this shot…

At just 25 years old, Justin Bieber has kept his child’s soul! Indeed, the interpreter of Yummy loves playing video games … To do what better than a friend by his side to share this moment! Hailey Baldwin’s darling therefore called on his friend Ryan Good!

This famous Ryan Good that Justin describes as his “blood brother”, is none other than the co-founder of “House of Drew”, the famous textile brand of the singer!

Many internet users therefore liked this shot! Indeed, Justin Bieber fans have not been stingy with compliments!


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Blood brother

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Many internet users have thought that Justin Bieber’s friend in the photo was his real brother! But no, the man is none other than his collaborator and friend! Ryan Good is also known to have been the boyfriend of Ashley Benson (Pretty Litte Things) in 2013!

Many Internet users have commented on this post! “Too beautiful both!” I don’t know if he’s really your brother but there is a family resemblance… In any case, you have the same Justin style of dress! »Can we read on the social network!

Or even: “Playing video games with friends is really the basics, especially during periods of confinement with the coronavirus! »» Make us another collection “Drew” with Justin! »Can we read on Instagram! Enough to give ideas to the two co-founders of the clothing brand! Case to follow!


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