Justin Bieber is totally addicted to his little dog Oskie!


You have to believe that Justin Bieber can no longer do without his little companion. Completely gaga about his dog, he then released photos of Oskie on his Instagram account.

Around the world, the Covid-19 pandemic is spreading and continues to claim lives. Faced with the virus, we must act!

As you know, general containment is therefore required in many countries. In France, the measure will not end before May 11.

For many, this is a real ordeal. When the weather is fine, the urge to go out is all the stronger.

However, it is still necessary to take your pain patiently. Through social networks, the stars then do everything they can to respond.

On Instagram, Justin Bieber then offered a moment of tenderness to his fans.

Completely gaga of his dog, Oskie, the singer then unveiled a series of photos of the small animal.

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Hi I’m @oskietheposkie

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On stage as on the Web, Justin Bieber is a real phenomenon. Very active on social networks, he does not hesitate to share with his fans.

In this time of crisis, the singer could not give them a better gift! It must be said that the public appreciates it very much.

Justin Bieber has no less than 133 million followers on Instagram. Just that !

However, he is far from alone in his success. Internet users also love his dog!

By revealing a series of photos of little Oskie, Justin Bieber then made everyone crack.

In fact, Oskie has his own Instagram account and is followed by almost a million people!

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