Justin Bieber thanks for his performance on “Anyone”!

Justin Bierber has just unveiled a behind-the-scenes shot of his new video “Anyone”! The singer took the Zoey Deutch pose!

Justin Bieber has just unveiled a behind-the-scenes shot of his new video “Anyone”! A photo with the beautiful Zoey Deutch!

Saturday January 2, 2020, Justin Bieber posted a behind-the-scenes shot of his “Anyone” clip! A video released just two days ago from YouTube! Thus, on the shot in question, the young man strikes a pose dressed as a boxer!

A cliché in which the 26-year-old artist is not alone! Indeed, the sweetheart of Hailey Baldwin strikes a pose alongside actress and director Zoey Deutch! A post that Internet users loved!

Indeed, the publication in question already has more than 3 million likes… A real record for the handsome Justin Bieber!


In the caption of his post, Justin Bieber wrote the following: “If you haven’t watched the ‘Anyone’ clip, check it out 😘😘😘 thank you @zoeydeutch for bringing this video to life ! ”

A post that Internet users have commented on in large numbers!

Or, “I’ve seen the clip before, it’s just amazing! “Well done for this Justin Bieber clip, I didn’t know it was by Zoey Deutch, she did a great job! “” Very nice photo, the clip is just great, I’ve seen it too many times! »We can thus read on the social network of the singer of 26 years!

Comments all more adorable than the others which will therefore please the interpreter of ‘Yummy’! We let you admire the photo in question of Justin and Zoey below! Warning the eyes….

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