Justin Bieber tells Ariana Grande’s fiancé his house sale


Shock! Two years after their move, Justin Bieber gives Ariana Grande’s fiancé his luxury mansion with pool and spa for sale!

New buzz for Justin Bieber! The star tells Ariana Grande’s fiancé, Dalton Gomez, her luxury mansion for sale!

Followed by more than 163 million fans on his Instagram account, Justin Bieber never ceases to be talked about! And for good reason, his subscribers have nothing to be bored with him!

It’s simple, Justin Bieber knows exactly how to send us dreams! Between his luxury vacations, his ultra hot clips and his crazy mansions … The fans do not know where to turn!

The singer’s latest buzz to date? Her huge mansion that Ariana Grande’s fiancé helped sell!

Prepare your bank accounts! The couple’s luxury mansion was sold for the “modest sum” of $ 8 million! In other words, this is not a purchase you make on a whim!

The former Biebers’ mansion in Beverly Hills was over 570 square meters! It had no less than five bedrooms and seven bathrooms!

Let’s also not forget the personal spa, the private swimming pool and the magnificent fireplace that it included! So take a look:

Justin Bieber tells Ariana Grande’s fiancé his house for sale!


It’s official ! Hailey and Justin Bieber have enlisted the help of Ariana Grande’s fiancé, Dalton Gomez, to sell their house!

Indeed, Thursday, February 18, our colleagues at People reported that Ariana Grande’s darling, Dalton Gomez, came to the aid of the Bieber! Gomez is one of the luxury real estate agents who sold Justin and Hailey’s house!

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Working for Compass, Justien Bieber is delighted with his services! The other two real estate agents they hired were Los Angeles stars Matt and Josh Altman from Douglas Elliman!

So a buyer bought the luxury property for $ 7,955 million! A very nice sum then!

Yet the couple suffered a loss of $ 545,000 on the property! In fact, in 2018, they initially bought the house for $ 8.5 million …

But that’s not all ! Surprisingly, the new owners didn’t care about the star couple. “Justin Bieber’s possession of the house didn’t affect the buyer’s decision, but it didn’t affect the resale. »Declared a source! Shock!

In October 2019, Justin posted on social media about his desire to sell the mansion, with the furniture included! Only two years after their purchase, the house was officially listed on the market in October 2020.

So where do Justin and Hailey live now? The couple bought a new mansion in Beverly Hills last August for $ 26 million!


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