Justin Bieber teases his New Years show on Instagram!


Singer Justin Bieber has just teased his next live stream concert! Indeed, the man will perform on December 31, 2020!

In a few days, Justin Bieber will provide a live stream concert! A virtual live that the singer has just teaser via his Instagram account!

This is the event of the end of the year! Indeed, on December 31, 2020, for the New Year, singer Justin Bieber will give a live tream concert! A date that his fans are impatiently awaiting! And for good reason, it has been three years since the 26-year-old singer has performed on stage!

Besides, the darling of the beautiful Hailey Baldwin is the first to be excited at the idea of ​​this live! Indeed, this Monday, December 21, 2020, the latter teased the event via his Instagram story!

Indeed, Justin Bieber has indicated that there are only 11 days left until the event! We let you admire the poster that the latter posted as a story today below!


Justin Bieber posted several photos of him on Instagram as he trained for his upcoming live stream! Posts that Internet users have commented on en masse! Indeed, Internet users wanted to show their enthusiasm!

“Roll on the big day, can’t wait to see your performance! »« I feel that this concert is going to be exceptional! ”

Or: “It’s been two years since we last saw Justin Bieber on stage … Just for that, I can’t wait! “It’s going to be iconic, for sure!” You can read on the handsome blonde’s social network!

Comments all more adorable than the others which suggest that a lot of people will be present on the singer’s live! So we let you admire the pictures of the artist in full preparation! Warning the eyes…


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