Justin Bieber in tears when he talks about Billie Eilish


In a recent interview, Justin Bieber seems very moved when he talks about his affection for Billie Eilish. Justin Bieber doesn’t open much. When that happens, you have to take advantage of it. In a video interview with Apple Music, he confides in his unwavering affection for Billie Eilish.

Difficult not to make a connection between the two artists. Indeed, these started very early. However, this sudden notoriety is often complicated to manage. As Justin Bieber says, “ It was complicated for me to find myself so young in the industry, without knowing where to turn. “ But what makes it even more complex remains this eternal paradox. ” Everyone tells you that we love you and then we turn our backs on you in a second “. Confusing, isn’t it?

In fact, Justin Bieber wants things to happen differently for Billie Eilish. This is why, he wishes to bring him his friendship, in any way whatsoever. ” I wouldn’t want her to go through everything I went through. I will never wish it on anyone. Without saying it clearly, Justin Bieber alludes to his old dependencies and his crossing of the desert . He knows this hellish spiral only too well. Besides, he wants to become the support he would have liked to have had at the start. ” If she needs me, I’m on the phone ”

We know that the young woman is a fan of Justin Bieber from the start. Touched in the heart by the words of the latter, she retorts on her Instagram account. And this, by publishing a photo of her teenage girl in the middle of the Bieber-mania era . Besides, the image is ready to smile. Who could have predicted their meeting and especially their mythical duo?

Finally, Billie Eilish praises the artist’s latest album. Already widely acclaimed by internet users, Justin Bieber’s Changes is that of the renaissance? A lovely bond that warms the heart!


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