Justin Bieber talks about BTS ‘success with a message


Justin Bieber was part of a report on BTS’s achievements so far in 2020. BTS has conquered a large number of fans around the world, but this K-Pop group has also gained recognition from world famous stars in the music industry and Justin Bieber was one of them.

During a capsule shown on the E! Channel, Justin Bieber participated in the narration where some of Bangtan Sonyeondan’s great achievements are mentioned since 2020 began. Justin begins by mentioning a phrase that perfectly reflected the popularity of BTS:

If anyone knows how to make history, it’s BTS …

Following this introduction, the Love Yourself interpreter mentioned the participation of the Big Hit Entertainment group in the New Year’s event in Times Square, their carpool Karaoke with James Corden, the presentation of ON in Grand Central Terminal and finally, the participation of the idols at the virtual ceremony of the VMAs 2020.

The group’s records were also mentioned, mainly those that Dynamite recently gave them on YouTube, but there was also talk about BTS having obtained a space on radio stations in the United States, something that few foreign artists achieve.

After a review of the most outstanding activities of BTS throughout 2020 and the achievements obtained, Justin ended his message noting that the invasion of K-Pop is just beginning, so fans of this genre should be prepared for big surprises. .

BTS fans are celebrating, V’s Stigma is four years old since its release and this is the ideal opportunity to remember the incredible performance of this tune.

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