Justin Bieber spends a “relaxing” evening with Hailey Baldwin


Justin Bieber is quarantined with his wife, Hailey Balwdin. To occupy themselves during confinement, the couple spent a “relaxing” evening … During quarantine, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin spent an evening to say the least … relaxing.

Words fail when Justin Bieber evokes his wife, Hailey Baldwin . Crazy in love with the pretty blonde, the young man multiplies the declarations of love on social networks.

So yesterday, the Canadian let his heart speak. On Instagram, the young man wrote : “This woman makes me smile” under a photo of the couple.

Married for a few months, the two lovebirds could not have dreamed better! A huge villa on the heights of Los Angeles of several hectares. And lots of activity.

In this period of quarantine, the couple enjoys their lives together . Quarantined both, the lovers get along so well.

So much so that they share absolutely all their activities: board game, Netflix and chill, race of segways in the house, singing lessons… Justin Bieber and Hailey are one!


Eager to reveal their intimacy, the couple decided to reveal videos of their last evening to date. And when the two lovebirds want to give themselves an evening just for them, it is unlike anything you could imagine.

So, last night, Justin and Hailey spent the evening playing a board game . A way like any other to pass the time. “Relaxing evening with babies,” wrote the Canadian in his Instagram Story.

Exit the evenings to follow the adventures of Jennifer Aniston in Friends! This time, the couple relaxes by playing board games of speed.

The couple is therefore like millions of homes , deprived of all outside exits. All in joy and good humor. Who do you think won?


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